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Bioavailable Turmeric is the Queen of our Spices Products and we have FOUR products featuring the spice Turmeric. Since 2015 we have been able to purchase Turmeric in two GRADES; naturally harvested turmeric root generally containing 3-4% curcumin and Alleppey Turmeric ‘fingers’ containing 6.6% curcumin. We bio-activate Turmeric with peperine a form of black pepper we are all familier.

Our products are packed in packages of 90 capsules and 400 capsules.

Activated Turmeric,

Activated Turmeric PLUS (with ginger)

Activated Alleppey (6.6%)Turmeric, and

Activated Alleppey (6.6%) Turmeric PLUS (with ginger)

Turmeric like all of our products are presented in their ‘natural form’ (pulverised) so that the entire health goodness  of the spice is ingested. For instance Turmeric has more than 200 known active ingredients, not just curcumin which is a major phytonutriant – concentrating Turmeric loses it’s bonds and just makes a more intense colour. When you process Turmeric you are subjecting it to industrial compounds – and you loose the integrity of the spice.

We also introduce the spice Fenugreek a little known spice that has amazing qualities. Fenugreek complements our range of pure spice and spice/herb blended products sold in vegetable based capsules (vegan friendly) for their natural medicinal qualities. Spice capsules of are dietary supplement foods that promote health and wellness, maintain weight and may fight disease.

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About Spice Capsules; spices are natural foods that when ingested into the body in sufficient quantity and quality may be used as dietary supplements. Spice Capsules are also known as nutraceuticals. ‘nutraceutical’ (nōōˈ·tr·sōōˑ·ti·kl), Noun – any food supplement that naturally contains health benefits in addition to its nutritive value. Spice capsules are often also called, supplements, ergogenic aid, functional food, herbal, medical food, or nutraceuticals.

Spices & Herbs have been used by cultures around the globe for thousands of years — and with good reason.  Modern scientific studies are showing shows that natural foods can be very valuable for preventing disease, achieving wellness, and relieving symptoms in a safe and natural way. When combined with healthy lifestyle and dietary modifications, spice capsules/nutraceuticals may be just as effective as traditional pharmaceuticals, with generally fewer side effects and much lower toxicity and side effects. Even in cases where pharmaceuticals are necessary, integrative health can prove valuable. Supplementing with spice capsules may help to reduce the required dose of some drugs, encourage healing, and prevent progression of disease.

Spice or herb capsules yield outcomes a little differently in each person – but generally  with personal positive results.

*We only use 100% pure spices and herbs (with no additives, fillers or mystery substances) and the vegetable fibre encapsulation process is conducted under hygienic conditions.

* We believe that the spice capsule/nutraceutical product we have formulated will benefit the customer in a health giving positive way.

* We make no extravagant claims about outcomes or effects, but because we have researched our products we feel we are providing a good safe product. WE ALSO use the products ourselves daily.

* If you have some concern that the product arrived faulty or didn’ t quite deliver for you the outcome you anticipate please contact us. We would be happy to speak with you and if not resolvable we will refund your money.

The difference then between consuming spice and herbs for culinary purposes and consuming larger quantities via the ingestion of a capsule  became stark — and the positive outcomes gratifying. We believe that consuming PURE unadulterated spices and herbs provide NATURAL sources of beneficial health outcomes provided that you ingest enough — hence the packaging in easy to swallow capsules.

Spice Capsules On-line ascribe to the following DEFINITIONS; Spice capsules and functional foods are dietary supplement ingredients that promote health and wellness, maintain weight and fight disease

The QUEEN of spices is Turmeric (or tumeric – can be spelled either way). For the benefit of users of this website we present a 3rd party video that we feel helps distribute the information about QUEEN of spices – TURMERIC.

Payment methods
Payment methods

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