Muscle Soother


Muscle Soother is a Mineral/Spice/Herb blend in an easy to take capsule form: (we can also term it Cramp Ease). We have many clients who say they have benefited from using our Muscle Soother, especially after cycling. weight lifting and chopping wood. 

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  • Capsule weight: 550 mg
  • Recommended Dosage:  as needed post strenious exercise  or cramps
  • Content: pure Ceylon cinnamon, ginger, Himalayan salt, magnesium
  • Organic (as far as possible): no fertilisers or insecticides were used
  • Contains: no fillers, extenders, preservatives: is Gluten Free and Lactose Free
  • Capsules: are vegetable fibre, suitable for vegans
FOR: Muscle Spasms, Cramps, Sore Aching Muscles  
Muscle Soother is a Mineral/Spice/Herb blend: (Cramp Ease). We have many clients who appear to have benefited from its use 
Product 1 – 90 capsules (app roc. 550 mg each)
Product 2 – 400 capsules (app roc. 550 mg each)
The Spice Man’s own formula for reducing leg and muscle cramps through the supply  of magnesium and sodium salts together with the synergistic effects of cinnamon and ginger within the muscles. We use this product ourselves and we have clients who appear to of benefitted from its use.

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